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ALEH Foundation Provides A Gift of Hope and Relief to Orphans and Widows in Israel:
Aleh Foundation helps provide funds to Orphans in Israel as a response to the global crisis facing orphaned children.  The Foundation established a network of volunteers and trained professionals to help educate children orphaned and abandoned after the terrorist attacks in different areas in Israel. Aleh Foundation provides aid to the world's most disadvantaged children with the donated services of hundreds of volunteers. Aleh Foundation will arrange for donors to provide on-going, monthly stipends for the financial, health and educational support of the poorest families. The Foundation also provides school oversight, after school tutoring, enrichment programs, health checkups, and monitoring of the child’s well being. Aleh Foundation believes the greatest number of kids can be served when neighbors, aunts, uncles, and grandparents are provided with the means to care for orphaned children after a crisis has passed.  This plan for orphans' care requires intensive work by the Foundation’s staff, dedicated volunteer teachers and committed donors.  Aleh Foundation in conjunction with Bais Hatavshil is uniquely suited to manage "Family Care" details, including stipend payments, because we have the heart and the mission that all orphaned or abandoned children grow into solid citizens of the world. I want to help a shattered orphaned child build his self esteem by sponsoring.

I want to help a shattered orphaned child build his self esteem by sponsoring:

$30 A tutor to a young boy while he struggles to learn how to read

$30 A tutor for an orphaned girl to write

$36 One Music Lesson    $360 Music lessons for a month  $720 6 months  $1,440One year

$27 Sponsor a Birthday present for one orphaned child $270 10 children $540 20 children

$250 Sponsor a Birthday party for an orphaned child.

$2,500 Sponsor a voucher for an outing in the summer for a widow and her orphans

$3,500 Sponsor a hotel stay for the Holiday for a family who just tragically lost a parent

$35 Sponsor a new gift for an orphaned child for the holiday

$60 One month membership for swimming and exercise  $180 6 months    $360 One year

The ALEH Foundation
newsletter highlights the great accomp....

Los Angeles Youth Rally at Temple Sina for Special Children in Israel organized by sisters Alexa and Rachel Khorshad. Read this amazing story.

Aleh Foundation works with the commitment and support of our volunteers. More than 500 people have already volunteered....

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