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Aleh CARES is being developed on a large expanse of land given to Aleh by the local municipality in the Pardes Katz neighborhood, adjoining Tel Aviv. The complex neasures over 9,400 sq. meters, providing ample space for over 200 children.
The project includes four floors and an underground level.
The basement level will contain an Olympic-sized Hydrotherapy Pool, Rehabilitative Fitness Center, and a Workshop Center for adapting specialized equipment.

Two floors will house the Special Education School, with 18 classrooms, therapy rooms, clinics and kitchen services.
One floor will serve as an advanced Early Intervention Wing, with 13 nursery and kindergarten classes and therapy rooms.
The fourth floor will contain offices.


$1,000,000 Rehabilitative Pool
$126,000 Fitness Room
$100,000 Adaptive Workshop Unit
$50,000 Wadding Toddler Pool
$25,000 Workshop room for adaptive equipment
$25,000 Wedding Room
$25,000 Laundromat Room
$50,000 Occupational Therapy Room
$25,000 Assessment Room
$15,000 Fitness Treatment Room
$10,000 Pool Lobby

$500,000 Educational Wing
$100,000 Conference Hall
$45,000 Library & Pedagogic Center
$36,000 Lecture Hall
$100,000 Workshop Unit
$36,000 Large Classroom
$25,000 Small Classroom
$25,000 Assessment Room
$18,000 Kitchen
$18,000 Doctor's Nurse Room
$12,000 Classroom Porch

Aleh C.A.R.E.S. Aleh Center for Advancement, Rehabilitation, and Education of Special-Needs Children Going to school is perhaps the most central activity in every child's life. Aleh's children, too, enjoy special education classes that include computer-assisted learning tools with specialized software, cognitive games, awareness of seasons and holidays, and various group therapies.

However, since Aleh's Beit Yahalom School is located in its residential facility, the 100 children of Aleh spend almost all of their time within the same four walls, severely compromising their quality of life. Aleh CARES is a rehabilitative special education daycare center being established in Pardes Katz, a 10-minute drive from Tel Aviv.

The new center will give Aleh's children the opportunity to leave home every day and travel to school, just like every other youngster. The spacious, quality environment will enable them to benefit from a more intensive, individualized rehabilitative program. At the same time, it will relieve the residential facility's crowded conditions.

The new complex will also offer a comprehensive educational and therapeutic framework for hundreds of children with milder disabilities from throughout the Gush Dan area of Israel. With no rehabilitative center on this scale in the entire area, many of these children are forced to travel for hours every day or forgo the framework they need to live productive lives. The goal of Aleh CARES is to help these children integrate into regular society as much as possible.

The complex's multi-faceted departments include early intervention programs, kindergartens, classes through high school, and individual rehab sessions throughout the day. Children will benefit from a custom-designed therapy plan including physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, alternative communication, multi-sensory therapies, emotional therapy, and an intensive hydrotherapy program.

All activity will be under the supervision of a full-time medical staff and modern clinic. The rehabilitative special education complex's scope - including quality education, rehabilitation, medical care and hydrotherapy for over 200 children with various disabilities all under one roof - renders it unique in Israel and throughout the world.

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