Aleh Foundation Celebrating Israel at 60

Sponsor a Child: A portion of your child sponsorship donation goes toward development programs in Israel. By investing in the disabled polulation, we can help ensure that sponsored children receive food; clothing; therapy; respite; housing and more. Child sponsorship provides more than just short-term hunger relief—it provides total quality of life (improved heath, better education, reduced low self esteem, higher earning potential, etc.) and a brighter future for your sponsored child.

Become a $5.00 philanthropist
Give $5.00 a week to Sponsor desperately
needed Therapy Sessions!

Sponsor Therapeutic
Medical Equipment
$100 2 Hydrotherapy Sessions $740 Special Cups and Spoons 
$72.00 2 Music Therapy Sessions $1,000 Mobile Walker
$50.00 Special Medicine for an Infant $1,200 Specialized Soft Mattresses
$36.00 One Sensory Therapy Session $2,100 2 Prone Standing Boards
$27.00 One Pet Therapy Session $2,000 Therapy Balls, Bolsters and Bean Bags
$3,600 Special Swing Sets
$4,000 Vibrating Pillows and mattresses
$5,000 Toys or Motor Coordination
$5,400 Music System for Music therapy

Sponsor a new pair of leather school shoes for a barefoot child!
$50.00 for one pair
$100.00 for 2 pairs of shoes

Many children die each year from diseases stemming from parasites that enter the body through cuts and infections on the feet. These injuries and illnesses are preventable... with proper footwear.

The ALEH Foundation
newsletter highlights the great accomp....

Los Angeles Youth Rally at Temple Sina for Special Children in Israel organized by sisters Alexa and Rachel Khorshad. Read this amazing story.

Aleh Foundation works with the commitment and support of our volunteers. More than 500 people have already volunteered....

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