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Los Angeles Youth Rally at Temple Sinai
for Special Children in Israel

To our dear sisters and brothers, the children of Aleh in Israel,
Shalom, I would like to introduce you to my sister, Alexa Khorshad who is ten years old and myself Rachel Khorshad, I am eleven years old. This past Hannukah while attending Hebrew school at Sinai Temple in Los Angels, we decided to pick a Mitzvah project of our own and help children with special needs.

We were lucky to choose The Aleh Foundation since it is so close to our hearts. For the past two months whenever we could get away from school work, we have been going door to door, to people we knew or didn't know, to our friends and family and to meetings at the temple. We introduced people to Aleh foundation and explained the help they give to their children. We have been welcomed with open arms at many places and we have received donations anywhere from $3.00 to couple of hundred dollars.

We are so privileged to present you a check in the amount of $4,026.00. We hope that this donation would help you in so many ways, we also wish it would bring a smile to your face the same way that it made us smile. We love you and we hope to visit you in Israel in the near future.
Sincerely,  Alexa and Rachel Khorshad.

Meet The Khorshad Family

I am so excited to tell you the wonderful news that my daughters Rachel and Alexa have raised on behalf of the special children from your Foundation over $4,026.00 and still growing!  You should see the sparkle in my daughters eyes when they make a speech in our own Temple Sinai here in Los Angeles and they collect money. I have to tell you that people have been very nice and generous to them.

Best regards to our mutual friends Jack and Violet Harounian!

Talk to you very soon.

Love, Fariba Khorshad


Chaim Kazlow, son of Aleh Foundation Board member, Dr. Philip & Leah Kazlow, recently celebrated his Bar Mitzvah, Shabbos Parshas Yisro at Congregation Beth Abraham, under the leadership of Rabbi Yakov Neuberger. Emulating his older brother, Chaim donated a significant portion of his Bar Mitzvah gifts to purchase vital therapeutic equipment for Aleh Foundation’s special children. The word Tzedakah is derived from the Hebrew word tzedek, meaning "justice". In the Talmud it says "Tzedakah is equal to all the other commandments combined," said the Yeshivah of North Jersey student. His parents, Dr. Philip & Leah, presented Chaim with a plaque prepared by the Aleh Foundation, inscribed with his name and the inscription "To Love Someone Is To See Him The Way The Almighty Created Him". The Kazlows have been staunch supporters of Aleh Foundation and instill in their children the desire to follow in their footsteps. Their daughter, Esther Kazlow, also chose Aleh Foundation as her Manhattan High School chesed project and donated more than $1,200 to purchase special equipment.

Yeshiva Of Flatbush
Yeshiva of Flatbush’s Chessed Mission descended upon Aleh Jerusalem to visit the special children there, and everyone was enriched by the experience. It not the first time that students, faculty and parents from Y of F have visited Aleh Jerusalem, once again arranged by Rabbi Naftali Besser.  The students interacted with the children, visited them in their rooms, and then threw a party for them in the lobby.  The children loved all the attention and gifts showered on them by the Y of F students, which was obvious from all the smiles.  The Yeshiva of Flatbush is committed to instilling strong Jewish values of compassion and caring in their students, and Aleh’s children reaped the rewards of this commitment.  Keep up the good work, and we hope to see you in Israel again next year.

We encourage children and adults from all walks of life to visit the Aleh Centers in Israel. Please call the Aleh office at 718-851-4596 to arrange a tour.  

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Los Angeles Youth Rally at Temple Sina for Special Children in Israel organized by sisters Alexa and Rachel Khorshad. Read this amazing story.

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