The 2010 Gala dinner for Aleh was marked with great hope and a warm response from the countless donors and etnerpenuers....
Aleh Foundation Celebrating Israel at 60

The Aleh Foundation USA
5317 13th Avenue
Brooklyn N.Y. 11219

Toll Free 800-317 ALEH (2534)

Tel. 718.851.4596
Fax. 718.851.4597

Rabbi Shlomo Braun

Shlomo Berger
Ra'anana Office
Community 'Moriya' ,Ra'anana
186 H'achoza St.
Ra'anana 43108

Beth Shemesh Office
P.O. Box 8009,
Rechov Chazon Ish 15

The ALEH Foundation
newsletter highlights the great accomp....

Los Angeles Youth Rally at Temple Sina for Special Children in Israel organized by sisters Alexa and Rachel Khorshad. Read this amazing story.

Aleh Foundation works with the commitment and support of our volunteers. More than 500 people have already volunteered....

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