The Aleh Foundation USA hosted their annual raffle on September 8 at the magnificent Blue Moon Hotel in New York City.  More
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The award-winning Blue Moon Hotel was the site of the Aleh Foundation’s 2011 Cocktail Reception.  Randy Settenbrino, artist, architect and real estate developer, whose vision turned this landmark 19th century lower east-side tenement into one of the nation’s top-rated boutique hotels, graciously made the Blue Moon available for the evening’s festivities.  Proceeds from the event will go toward equipping a music therapy room and purchasing specialized equipment.

Mike and Farnaz Delafraz, long-time active supporters of the Foundation, served as co-Chairpersons of the event, and Mike lent his talents as Master of Ceremonies as well.  Introduced by Rabbi Shlomo Braun, Founder & Director of the Aleh Foundation, Mike kicked off the evening by calling upon the well-known Rabbi, Dr.  Elie Abadie, a Foundation Rabbinical Board member and supporter of many years, to sing the national anthems of both the United States and Israel, as he has done so many times in the past.
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The program began with remarks by Ricki Kudowitz, wife of the late Dr. Paul Kudowitz, in whose memory the evening was dedicated.  Mrs. Kudowitz spoke beautifully of her husband’s love of music, so much so that upon their engagement, instead exchanging jewelry they bought a piano.  She went on to say that music, a part of all celebrations are a part of the soul, helps keep families together, as evidenced by the large turnout of the Kudowitz family.  It is because of this that Mrs. Kudowitz accepted the dedication to her husband, because the event will provide a music room that will enrich many special children’s lives.

The event’s Guest of Honor, Dr. Steven Shelov, drew a large crowd of his own. Dr. Shelov, a world famous pediatrician and author of “Your Baby’s First Year”, which has sold more than 3.5 million copies, was honored for his many contributions to children’s causes.  Joining Dr. Shelov were Herman and Dr. Olitsa Roth, who has been honored by the Aleh Foundation in the past, and Jules Fleischer, a Foundation board member who introduced Dr. Shelov to the wonderful work of the Foundation.

Jess Dolgin, CEO of the JMG Group in Los Angeles, received this year’s Executive Leadership award.  Jess, who lived in Israel for 20 years and is a licensed attorney there, is a marketing professional who recognized early on the power of the internet to change the face of Jewish philanthropy.  He brought a large contingent of friends and employees from California, and spoke of how helping a noble cause enriches one, and the Aleh Foundation is just such a cause.

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Jack and Violet Harounian, honorary board members and two of the hardest working philanthropists in the Jewish Community, received a Congressional Certificate of Special Recognition from U.S. Congressman Michael Grimm, a well-deserved honor.  Jack and Violet were this year’s Tribute Chairpersons.

This year’s Young Leadership award was shared by Gil & Zoya Shenhav and David & Lisa Balassiano.  The Shenhavs brought a wonderful group of family and friends to learn about the Foundation, and they promised to be part of the Foundation’s family for many years to come.  The Balassianos, still celebrating the recent Bar Mitzvah of their son Joseph, are helping the Aleh Foundation make beneficial connections in the business world.

Randy Settenbrino closed the program by talking about how important it is to preserve the Jewish-American heritage established in the late 19th and early 20th century in New York, and particularly the Lower East Side, first home to so many Jews who immigrated here during that period.  The Blue Moon is a living tribute to this heritage, one that helps us to remember who we are and where we came from.  Randy closed his remarks by generously offering to make the Blue Moon available to the Aleh Foundation yearly for their event.

Farnaz & Mike Delafraz drew the winning ticket in the evening’s raffleRaymond Arking, a longtime friend and supporter of Aleh Foundation who was introduced by Aslam Bawabah was the winner of two free flights to Israel.  David Strauss was the lucky winner for two free nights at the beautiful Moon Hotel.

For more information please call the Aleh Foundation office at 1-800-317-ALEH or visit our website at

The Live drawing of 2010

The Aleh Foundation USA hosted their annual raffle on September 8 at the magnificent Blue Moon Hotel in New York City.  The Blue Moon is an award-winning boutique hotel lovingly converted from an historic lower East-side 19th century tenement by architect and owner –operator Randy Settenbrino. Mr. Settenbrino, Aleh Foundation’s distinguished supporter had the honor of drawing the winning ticket for a pair of round- trip tickets to Israel donated by one of the Foundation’s most prominent corporate partners, HAS Advantage Credit Card Company.

The winner of the tickets was Shlomit & Chaim Edelstein president of Congregation Kehilath Jeshurun, long time supporters of the Aleh Foundation USA’s many worthy causes.  Dr. Alisa Kasachkoff, Aleh Foundation’s esteemed Board member who recently donated the High Dependency Wing in Aleh Bnei Brak’s notified the Edelsteins, who are currently in Israel.  Among those in attendance for the drawing were an elite group of attendees from Australia and Italy and more.

For the past 21 years, the Aleh Foundation’s highly professional public relations and fund raising activities have taken the Aleh Centers in Israel from a small hospice to one of Israel’s foremost providers of care, treatment and education of the country’s most severely developmentally disabled infants and children. The Aleh System now encompasses four facilities throughout Israel, including a 25-acre rehabilitative village in the Negev.  Most recently the construction of the Aleh Negev Greenhouse and Therapeutic Plant Nursery donated by the late Dr. Theresa Cweirzyk & her beloved husband Sidney Gordon was completed, fulfilling Theresa’s lifelong love of horticulture. The Greenhouse looks beautiful and Aleh will begin working with the children within a month.  (See photo below)

Buoyed by this great success, the Foundation took the unprecedented step of adding several more worthy Israeli causes to Aleh’s ‘family’. Now, Aleh’s supporters are able to choose exactly who they want to help from amongst Israel’s neediest.

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