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Aleh Foundation works with the commitment and support of our volunteers. More than 500 people have already volunteered to help build Aleh Foundation's numerous activities since its creation. We are always on the lookout for talented people and creative ideas! To volunteer for an Aleh Foundation project or to join a committee, please e-mail us at . If you are interested in a school project, bar-bat Mitzvah project, or in a specific Committee, please let us know.

There was not a dry eye among those in attendance at the Kotel at the bar mitzvah of two young men, Ariel Settenbrino of the United States and Chen Ron from Israel. Ariel, a caring soul who has strong leadership qualities and likes to take initiative agreed to share his Bar Mitzvah with a needy child in Eretz Yisrael. Dr.Terry Davies and his wife Susan Settenbrino have imbued in their son Ariel a love for mankind. Among many of their philanthropic endeavors, Susan and Terry adopted the Aleh Foundation as their pet project. They included Ariel in their mission and he recently gave a moving speech at the Aleh Foundation Dinner. Terry & Susan hosted a lunch for Chen's whole family as well as Ariel's family at Bein HaKshatot "Under the Arches". Chen's mother gave Ariel a beautiful Koren sidur and said it was the best day of her life. Susan read a mothers prayer for the bar mitzvah boy in English and Chens mom then read it in Hebrew. Ariel later read Parshas Yisro and Haftorah at services in the Leonardo Plaza Hotel Synagogue at ~9 am on Saturday February 6th. Rabbi Baruch Zaitschek, who joined the family on their trip to Israel to officiate at the Bar Mitzvah was very proud of Ariels' performance.

Please join Ariel and his family in their mission to help the ALEH FOUNDATION in their efforts to ignite a spark in the hearts of disadvantaged children. Call 718-851-4596 to arrange for your Mitzvah.
Adir Settenbrino Emulates Brother, Ariel and Parents in Humanitarian Work
Adir Schwarts–Settenbrino chose to celebrate his Bar Mitzvah in Jerusalem with a disabled Israeli twin on December 22, 2011. Back in 2009 Adir chose Aleh Foundation as his pet project when he glowingly delivered a tribute to a distinguished crowd of participants that filled the ballroom to honor his mom, Susan Settenbrino.

Since then the Davies and Settenbrinos have celebrated a Bar Mitzvah for their older son Ariel in Jerusalem in conjunction with a disabled ALEH boy and have served as chairpeople at many Aleh Foundation functions. Adir gave up his Bar Mitzvah with friends to twin it with a disabled child “because when you have it by yourself, getting all the attention and gifts, you feel too self centered,” explains the Joseph Kushner 8th grader.

Adir’s Twin, Moshe, who suffers from epilepsy, lives in Aleh Gedera Center in Israel. Adir’s gift of $2,500.00 will go towards purchasing equipment for the Snoezelen room at Moshe’s facility. Snoezelen is a therapeutic multi-sensory room that highlights the senses while creating an atmosphere of relaxation and calm. To learn more about Twinning Bar Mitzvahs call 1-800-317-ALEH, or visit the website at

Manhattan Day School Bat Mitzvah Student
The Manhattan Day School held their annual Bar/Bat Mitzvah Breakfast on Tuesday, February 28. It is at this event each year that the school’s Bar & Bat Mitzvah students announce which charities they have selected to be the recipients of their Mitzvah project funds.

The boys and girls spend the school year researching worthy causes before carefully selecting their charity. Pera Kasachkoff, an outstanding Bat Mitzvah student, proudly selected Aleh as her Mitzvah project.

Congratulating Pera for her generous act of Chesed is Rabbi Shlomo Braun, the Founder and Director of the Aleh Foundation in the U.S., while proud mother Dr. Alisa Kasachkoff looks on.

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Aleh Foundation works with the commitment and support of our volunteers.
More than 500 people have already volunteered....

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