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Aleh Foundation helps provide accessibility for independence and helps transform the life of children and adults like YONA to be accessible to the disabled and physically challenged. The core of our success is the warm, personal relationship that develops between their caregivers and the children. After all, our loving, professional staff plays many roles in the lives of Aleh's children – family, teachers and friends. You can create a special relationship of your own by sponsoring the therapies that will help him or her grow and develop.

YONA just smiled for the first time after a day of Special Education Classes, various therapies and extra-curricular activities and a lot of love in between; sponsor YONA”s individualized treatment plan - YONA could be using his pinky now to communicate!

Help this delightful little boy- and his loving family - to thrive, despite the painful challenges they face.

YONA needs special equipment and therapies.

$740 Special Cups and Spoons
$1,000 Mobile Walker
$1,200 Ramp
$1,400 Computer Table and Closet
$2,300 Therapy ball, bolsters and bean bags
$3,200 Special Medical beds
$3,500 Special Swing Set
$7,000 Adjustable Table and Chairs
$27.00 1 Pet Therapy Session
$36.00 1 Sensory Therapy Session
2 Music Therapy Sessions
$100.00 2 Hydrotherapy Sessions
$120.00 Computer Therapy

Tactile sensory stimulation involves the sensation of touch and texture. Autistic children with tactile sensory issues may have difficulty tolerating the sensations generated as they dress or groom themselves, or even as they chew food.

Therapists work with tactile-sensitive individuals to desensitize them to unavoidable textures and touch sensations. This is accomplished gradually over time using specialized therapy brushes, sand and water activity tables, therapy balls and rolls, and blankets which provide propioceptive feedback, gross motor control, and muscle movements

The ALEH Foundation
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Los Angeles Youth Rally at Temple Sina
for Special Children in Israel organized by 2 10 year old sisters Alexa and Rachel Khorshad. Read this amazing story.

Aleh Foundation works with the commitment and support of our volunteers.
More than 500 people have already volunteered....

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