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Aleh Bnei Brak located on 66 Uziel is a home to over 200 infants and children with severe disabilities.

The Nursery & Kindergarten provides an intensive early intervention treatment program for 44 children with a holistic approach, whose goal is to discover each child's ability and develop it to the fullest.

The Beit Yahalom residential facility for 91 infants and children care for all of their social and medical needs. Beit Yahalom’s children participate in stimulating and enjoyable extra-curricular activities that combine therapeutic treatments with good times.

The children's preventive and emergency medical needs are attended to by the professionally staffed medical clinic located in the dormitory.

The Special Education School Campus offers instruction in grades kindergarten and up and features a swimming pool for hydrotherapy treatments for approximately 145 children between the ages of 3 – 21.

Their professional staff includes paramedical therapists, medical professionals, psycho-social professional and special education teachers.

$5,000 Cough Assist Machine

$2,500 Specialized carriage for 4

$3,200 Sponsor a Specialized Walker

Aleh Foundation is seeking donors to sponsor Specialized Walkers for disabled children in the Aleh Bnei Brak Facility. This Specialized Gait Trainer empowers disabled clients to improve their mobility and has pelvic support for a more natural gait. The walker is durable, adjustable, portable, and prompts mount anywhere; no tools required. Accessories are important to help consumers in differerent ways. The Thigh Prompts swing freely with the user’s stride, and prevent leg scissoring while encouraging weight-bearing. Thigh Prompts are height adjustable in the medial and lateral positions. The inside strap maintains leg separation. The outer curve limits leg abduction. Thigh Prompts can prevent the child from turning within the Pacer frame. Large and small Thigh Prompts are available. This type of prompt makes a gait trainer different from a pediatric walker, because they help develop better walking skills. Ankle Prompts snap securely onto the frame and have comfortably padded ankle straps. The spring adjusters limit stride length and control stride placement. Strap length adjusts to determine foot separation and prevent scissoring, which is a problem with other pediatric walkers. The new, padded Chest Prompt holds the torso at the desired angle. It is available in three sizes, and accommodates a wide range of users. Tilt adjusts forward or backward in 15° increments. One knob adjusts both tilt angle and width. Adjustments can be made while user is in the walker. Chest Prompt stays open for easy transfers. Fit the Chest Prompt snugly to support dependent users, or wrap loosely as a training guide for gaining independent trunk control. Cleanable padding is anti-microbial and repels UV light to stay cool. Fits all earlier models of the Pacer Gait Trainer. Versatile Arm Prompts include height, rotation, angle, lateral proximity, and forward/backward adjustments, to accommodate numerous positioning requirements. Arm Prompts placed at elbow height below the shoulders assist weight-bearing. Arm Prompts are placed at the front of the frame for a forward-leaning posture. Arm Prompts angled upward encourage active upper trunk and head control. Individualized positioning accommodates contractures. Hand Loops boost a child’s sense of stability and confidence while moving. They can be attached as a pair or singly on the top bar of any size Pacer.

Aleh Jerusalem located at Harikma 9, is home to children with severe physical and mental disabilities. 150 devoted professionals and caregivers provide for their physical and medical needs and offer them a wide range of individualized therapeutic and educational programs. Aleh’s three specialized wings consist of: an early intervention wing for infants; an apartment-style living wing for young adults; and a hospital wing for highly dependent children who require complex medical care, which is currently in development. In addition, the facility has an on-site medical clinic for the children in residence, as well as a clinic for the community that provides paramedical treatments to area children with developmental delays.

The ALEH newsletter of March highlights the great naccomp

Los Angeles Youth Rally at Temple Sina
for Special Children in Israel organized by 2 10 year old sisters Alexa and Rachel Khorshad. Read this amazing story.

Aleh Foundation works with the commitment and support of our volunteers.
More than 500 people have already volunteered....

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