Hi my dear, Everytime I think of this project and what the girls were able to do, I get tears in my eyes. They keep telling me we should have done more! Thanks so much for your kind words and we hope we would be able to do more for the children. We saw the news letter and facebook it was amazing. Thanks again, Love,                                                                                 

Fariba Khorshad,
Beverly Hills, CA

I will be attending as a guest of Jack Harounian. As I mentioned to Shlomo, I will be forwarding a letter congratulating Jack Harounian for his hard work in the next few days.  All the best and thank you. Morrie

Morrie Libman
Director of Major Gifts
American Committee for Shaare Zedek
Medical Center in Jerusalem

I wanted to thank you and the Aleh Foundation for the honor of the Community Service Awardee. When Dr. Jeff Wisoff received the honor last year, I became familiar with your organization and am truly proud to be part of it. As you know, I have devoted my life to helping people, and I am always comforted by those with similar drive. I look forward to working with you in the coming months and beyond. Thank you again.

 Dr. Lee Tessler
The Long Island
Brain & Tumor Center at NSPC

Ruti and I would like to visit the Aleh facility in Jerusalem this Tuesday. Anyone specific we should reach out to? Ruti and I will take a platinum journal page. I would like to make an ad in honor of the Lepors and other honorees. What is the deadline for printing the journal?

Thank you from Israel now.
Rafi & Ruti Fouzailoff
JB Star

I am so honored to receive such a nomination.   I guess that meeting you wanted to have was about this nomination.  The best time to meet would be the first week of  December. 

I must thank you again for thinking  of me with such high esteem to offer me such an award.  Shabbat Shalom

Thank You

Steven Matsas
Image Magazine

Maimonides is sponsoring a Platinum Journal Page in recognition of the award of Dr. Steven Pavlakis and Dr. Israel Jacobowitz from the Aleh Foundation on May 8.  Best wishes,

Administrative Assistant to
Exec. VP & COO
Maimonides Medical Center

Congratulations Ruthie & Rafael Fouzailoff On The Well Deserved Tribute Award Presented To Them By The Aleh Foundation 29TH Annual Dinner In remembrance of Ruthie’s Father Yacob Baruch Ben Moshe & Rachel Ha’Cohen O”BM. We recognize & appreciate their devotion & commitment to our community and to Aleh Foundation. Warmest Blessings

Rabbi  Rafael & Rabanit Benchimol
Manhattan Sephardic Congregation Aleph Learning Center

Below is the message for the Gold Page of the Journal

Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Jack Harounian On Your Outstanding Contributions to Israel and Jewish Organizations. You Have Touched so many lives through your compassion and generosity. We respect your commitment to humanitarian causes and wish you every success in the future. With warmest affection and admiration,

Jeff and Sandra Monassebian

Thank you for your e-mail to Rabbi Schneier.  I wanted to be in touch with you just to confirm that it was received. He is presently out of the country, returning at the end of the month.  I will discuss your request with him at the earliest opportunity and let you know as soon as he checks his schedule.  Thank you for your kind words. Regards,

Laura Benton
Executive Assistant to Rabbi Arthur Schneier

Hi, I’m sorry it took a little longer than planned.

Mazal Tov to Aunt Violet and Uncle Jack on your hard work and dedication on a wonderful cause. You are an inspiration to us. All our love,

Sheila & Farzad Shahery

The Department of Urology at NYU Langone Medical Center are proud of our colleagues Drs Ellen Shapiro and Herbert Lepor who  are being honored by ALEH for fulfilling the Hippocratic Oath “I will remember that I remain a member of society, with special obligations to all my fellow human beings, those sound of mind and body as well as the infirm”

Audrey Ehrman

May Hashem reward Ruti & Raffi with many years of health and happiness and with much nachat from their family. may they continue to serve as stellar examples of Jewish commitment and gmilut chesed

Lilly and David Ihay

I wanted to again thank you for everything tonight and during the entire process leading to tonight honor. It was a pleasure to be able to participate and I am pleased that there we were able to help raise support for ALEH. Please let me know if there is ever anything I can do for you personally or ALEH as an organization

Jeffrey H. Wisoff, M.D.
Director Division of Pediatric Neurosurgery
NYU Langone Medical Center

Your suggestion of Honoring the memory of my Beloved Brother is appreciated and I thank you for the thought. Attached is a photo of Moshe ben Michael, OBM, and the text of  a “Guardian Sponsorship” journal ad. Thank you again and best wishes for a Happy, Kosher Pesach.

Stanley Silverstein

Just want to tell you again what a wonderful job you did putting together a lovely and meaningful event last night.  We appreciate your efforts.  It was a pleasure to meet you and share the night’s festivities with you.
Wishing you continued success personally, and with Aleh.
All my best,

Deborah F. Wisoff

Take a deep breath! Yasher Koach to you and all those involved in tonights gala event. I am so lucky that I received the invitation. What a very lovely tribute to your foundation and all the good that it does for so many children and their families. I was happy to greet long time friends Raffi and Ruthie Fouzailoff. We met them years ago at Park East and now their oldest daughter Sheli is a classmate of my Abbey's at Ramaz. We have enjoyed many simchas together including tonight.

As I send this to you, the Ramaz 8th grade is now in southern Israel. I am going to suggest that part of the chesed in Israel in years to come is to visit children at your facilities. They did chesed such as pick potatoes in the north, soup kitchens today, but seeing your special needs children and spending some time with them will have a lasting impression for everyone. I have one more child at Ramaz so hopefully she will meet the children who made the lovely ceramics that were on the tables.

Best Wishes

I am committed to doing my part in helping your foundation in the future.

Dr. Ellen Shapiro

Thank you for allowing me to participate in your dinner. You are doing great work and you are to be commended for what you have accomplished.

Good Shabbos


How lovely of you to think of all of us.  That is just so so sweet of you considering all you have to do.
When would you like me to come in next week to help in any way I can?
Good shabbos,

Dr. Allisa Kasachkoff

i must write to you.your dinner was magnificent.i can learn alot from you.you were a great host,and i thank you for the introduction to dean skelos.i will iyh send you a check for aleh.thanks for giving me a  good night out
Victor Zilber

Thank you for your wonderful note which meant a lot to Hadassah and me. We are very proud of Hani, as was her Baba of blessed memory. Please give my regards to Rabbi Braun along with my regrets that the Senate schedule prevented me from being there. It was a great honor for my mother's memory for which I am grateful. I hope the dinner was very successful for Aleh.
All the best,

Joe Lieberman

Hope you're well and that the below raffle was a huge success for ALEH! Could you please advise who won the raffle? Shana Tova to you and your family!

I enjoyed our phone conversation last week and would be honored to join as a committee member.  I look forward to keeping in touch and assisting in any way I can for the gala event in memory of my Aunt Marcia Lieberman.

Warm Regards,
Renee Manger

I am engaged in a trial, but I wanted to thank you for your hard work in arranging everything so perfectly.  I had a great time and I hope the evening was successful.  I neglected to take a booklet home with me and I would appreciate it if you could put one in the mail to me.  Many thanks

David Kownacki

Thank you and the foundation for the honor and hospitality.  I am humbled.  As I said during my speech, " The opportunity to help an organization such as Aleh is a pleasure.  Assisting an organization with such a valiant cause enriches both  my company and myself.  As it is said: One how provides to a noble cause is, himself, a benefactor. for the giver is himself enriched by the opportunity to do good. I look forward to working with the Aleh Foundation in the future"  Thank you again and I hope that I was of some help in making the evening a success . Regards

Jess Dolgin, CEO
J Media Group, LLC.

I just wanted to thank Rabbi Braun and your entire team for hosting another meaningful and successful evening for The Aleh Foundation. As always everything was perfect. FYI, this was my fifth time attending this event.

In a year in which the fund-raising environment was significantly challenged we can feel gratified for the effort of your staff and those donors who managed to still find a way to care about the children of ALEH. Our mission for 2010 must be to spread the word to more people that The Children of Aleh's hope and future progress rests in their caring and good heartedness.  I promise to do a better job in 2010 for the Children of ALeh.

Peter H. Lichtenberg  MBA, CLTC

Thank you for your hard work. It was another wonderful evening for mostly everyone who attended. I hope you turned a reasonable profit!  T                                               
Terry F. Davies, MB.BS, MD, FRCP, FACE

Thank you for the opportunity and the pictures. Would you have a clip of the singing part? Please convey my best regards to Rabbi Braun. Best regards,

Elie Abadie
Edmond J. Safra Synagogue

Congratulations on tonight's dinner.  I am sure it will be a great success, thanks to the efforts of all the dedicated people at Aleh. I regret that I can't be there to join in recognizing the efforts of all of those who contribute to make ALEH the success that it is.  The ALEH site in OFAKIM is a flagship to all organization that work with disabled youth.  I know the efforts that were, and continue to be, expended to make this an example of quality endeavors. Please express my regrets to Yehuda and Hanya and I can't be there to celebrate with them.  My heart is with you. If Yehuda has a moment, I would appreciate talking to him and wishing him congratulations personally.  Thank you once again for coming to visit.  
Best wishes always.
 Sheila Kurtzer

Thank you for such a nice note. I had a lovely time at the event.  I enjoyed the speeches, the musician, the food and the company.  

I understand that Rabbi Berger is looking for volunteers on the west coast.  Aleh is a wonderful organization and I am especially partial because my brother is deaf and blind.  

Be well. I am planning to see Ilana today in fact, as I am in NY this week.
Carol Geller

A freilechen Chanukah to you & yours!
A belated sincere thank you for the unbelievable way you treated us at the fabulous dinner. Not only was the dinner beyond expectations, but I got to sit near & meet some wonderful women, the friends & family of Mrs. Marcia Lieberman, a'h. What an honor!

Thank you also for inserting what I noticed were TWO ads(!!) with my name on them. Both pages were big, very pleasant surprises. You are a very special person & an honor to call a dear friend. With Love,

Malkie Lundner

I thought Terry Davies was terrific. Really enjoyed his presentation and was only sorry it was not longer. Clearly an excellent teacher and educator.
Kind regards, David Landau

Thanks for the photos.  Once again, Yashar Koach on a job well done! B'vrakhah,  
Rabbi Bruce Ginsburg

I hope this email finds you well. I regret that our family will miss this year’s ALEH Foundation Annual Award Dinner as many family members are away. Enclosed is a check for $1800 as our donation instead of a greeting ad in the ALEH Journal. Best regards to Doron and Didi Almog and wishing you much success,

Stanley Silverstein

Jamie is always looking out for those who are less fortunate. My father taught me that you have to be charatable in order to be happy with yourself. I honor my parents, teach my children, hopefully leaving a proud legacy.

Peter Lichtenberg

I'm looking forward to iy'h joining you at the upcoming dinner with Mordechai. It's time to get the unique paperwork into Aleh Foundation. I'm looking forward to meeting everyone & finally seeing Gotham Hall.
Malkie Lundner

On behalf of the Friends of the IDF, it is with great pride to pay tribute to our hero Major General Doron Almog For his years of dedication and support of the State of Israel and the Aleh Foundation. Eran Almog z’l who was the driving force behind the establishment of the Aleh Negev will be missed, but his legend will continue to live by helping our children.
We extend our congratulations to Senator Joseph I. Lieberman, who throughout the years, is Israel’s true friend.
Arthur Stark
Brig. Gen. (Res) Yehiel Gozal
Friends of the Israel Defense Forces
National Chairman
National Director
Friends of the Israel Defense Forces
Best regards

In addition to my personal contribution, my firm, Kasowitz, Benson, Torres & Friedman LLP, will be taking a table at the dinner. I will forward a check next week.

David Friedman

All in all it was really an incredible night! Doron was inspiring! One of my colleagues sent me this: "My only suggestion is better acoustics. It was hard to hear and pay attention to the speeches. Other than that a lovely event for a great organization!" Thank you,

Alicia Post

Office of the CEO,
Jewish National Fund


What a beautiful event -- yasher koach!!
Nonie Darwish ended the evening on a very high note -- she was electrifying! Have a wonderful Shabbos and get a well-deserved rest.... Thank you for your patronage!  By the way, I thought Franklin did a magnificent job on the Journal and Program.
Faygie Bienenfeld

Truthfully, I do not attend many events, but I thought yours was stunning. The venue and its view were amazing, the food stations diverse and appetizing, the lighting just perfect for those of us pushing 50, and the program was effective and moving. I was very happy to be part of it! Have a wonderful Shabbat!
Gail Lobel Rand

We had a great time at the dinner – what a beautiful event!  
I was just wondering if you ended up putting out a journal as I did not see any at the dinner.
Thanks again for all your help.
Tizku l’mitzvot,

 Ilan Rubinstein

 What a lovely evening yasher koach to job very well done!
Tammy Friedman



Just got the beautiful invitation to the Cocktail reception in June. Our picture with Liran looks great! We are so honored to receive the Young leadership award.

Best regards,
Gil Shenhav, President

to honor the memory of our dear brother, uncle and cousin Dr. Paul Kudowitz. His huge heart and generosity touched not only his family but the children of Aleh as well. He is terribly missed by all who knew and loved him but his memory lives on in good deeds. From the familys of Scott and Adrianne Burgher, Jeffrey and Susan Cohen, Eric and Ilana Cohen, Mitchell and Shelly Eichen, Philip and Debra Heimowitz, Rafael and Miriam Rivka Heimowitz and Jimmy and Sharon Strong.

I would love to take part and help with the event in any way possible. Please let me' know what I can do to assist with the planning.

Thank you,
Ariele Kudowitz Lazar

It was a very nice event and I was glad to attend.

I hope you reach your goal. Please let me know if I can be off any more

All the best,

Igal Hatanian
Director of Marketing
Frumster, LLC

I am hoping to attend and I am very honored that you would like to give me the Grandmother award. Thank you very much for thinking of me. I am happy to accept the award. Naomi

I enjoyed the dinner very much. And I have such a cute story to tell you. I have a nine year old granddaughter in Los Angeles who is an exceptional reader. Every Shabbos she reads The Jewish Press. I thought she just reads the children's pages but it turns out that she reads many other articles and the ads.

A few weeks ago she very excitedly said to her mother...Did you see, Savta is the Grandmother of the year. She then showed our daughter the ad. On Monday when she went to school she told her teacher, very proudly,...My Savta is the Grandmother of the Year.

Her teacher asked her what she meant. She said, I read it in the newspaper. She was picked as the grandmother of the year by Aleh.

Her teacher and whole class were duly impressed. Thank you.

Naomi Mauer,
Assistant Publisher
Jewish Press

Thank you for taking the time last week to discuss the situation we had regarding Liad's Bat Mitzvah's project. I appreciate the response level and the seriousness in which you take the issue. Liad was appreciative of the plaque you provided her.
Thank you again for taking the time and interest

Best Regards

Lior Arussy
Strativity Group

Thank you for taking the time to write such a touching e-mail. I appreciate all the good work the Aleh foundation does. This is not the first time your organization has taking the time to personally thank me. I feel honored to help in your cause. May Hashem continue to bless you and the Aleh foundation with continued success.

Thank you,
Ilene Steifman

i'm arriving in israel this fri am from turkey. next mon (aug 9?) i'm planning on visiting ofakim with annette and my son. wud u like to join me? not sure yet what time, thinking of early afternoon, have other appts to schedule as well.

Rob rubin

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